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All services include a hot towel treatment, pre-service skin and nail evaluation, cuticle care, nail maintenance, and moisturizing treatment. Services do not include varnish unless otherwise specified.

Custom Care Services

Consult with our highly trained professionals to design the perfect treatment for you. Receive everything you need and want–nothing more and nothing less. Custom Care services are highly recommended for clients with medical sensitivities.

Enjoy a hot towel treatment, pre-service skin and nail evaluation, and wellness consultation. Custom Care services begin with cuticle care, nail maintenance, and moisturizing treatment.


Exfoliating Scrub     $5
Dry, dead skin is exfoliated away with our Undeniably Smooth emulsifying sugar scrub.

Callus Smoothing     $5
Rough calluses are softened before our gentle buffing treatment.

Paraffin Therapy     $10
Warm, hydrating paraffin soothes sore joints and provides intense moisture.

Extended Massage     $10
A luxurious massage performed with our Undeniably Hydrated body butter.

Signature Services

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Manicure  $25
Pedicure  $25



Manicure  $35
Pedicure  $45



Manicure  $45
Pedicure  $55



Manicure  $55
Pedicure  $65

Pressed for time? Enjoy all the basics, with expert precision, in twenty minutes or less.

Designed to deliver exceptional nail care and relaxation, Unbelievable services include callus smoothing, an exfoliating scrub, a luxurious massage, and are finished off with a hot towel wrap.

A delightful treat for hard-working appendages, Unparalleled services include callus smoothing, an exfoliating scrub, paraffin therapy, an extended massage, and conclude with a hot towel wrap.

With our Unaffordable services, you get what you pay for. These ultra-deluxe treatments include an infused hot towel wrap and machine cleansing. When the intensive cuticle care, nail maintenance, and callus smoothing are completed, your feet are treated with our premium two-step exfoliating scrub up to the elbows/knees. Then, they are wrapped with gauze dipped in aromatherapeutic paraffin. Once the paraffin has cooled, your nail specialist will spoil you with an extended massage that will leave your limbs feeling like melted butter. Your choice of varnish is included in this service.
(If you are purchasing the Unaffordable services as a gift for a loved one, please consider their mobility and circulation. These services require guests to lie supine for an extended period of time and include long, Swedish-style massages.)


Traditional Varnish     $5
Have your digits coated in your favorite color from our collection.

Designer Varnish     $8
Fashion forward clients may choose from our selection of the hottest seasonal colors from designers brands like Chanel, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, and more!

Gel Varnish     $10
Need long-lasting wear? Our gel varnish is the perfect solution.

Unvarnish     $10
Need your gel varnish removed? Our nail specialists use a gentle, skin-safe product to dissolve your outgrown polish in ten minutes, leaving your natural nails undamaged.

Hand or Foot Massage     $1/minute
Experience this spectacular heat modality for yourself. This service can be purchased alone in five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minute increments, or added to any of our manicures or pedicures.


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“Annette did my pedicure. I am very pleased with the experience. I always feel relaxed and positive after every visit. I have very happy feet.”

-Ellen B.

“The cleanest and best pedicure I have ever had. Tina is very educated in her field and uses great products.”

-Dena M.

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